We Came To Build: the vitality of all-age events

We Came To Build 2017 #WCTB2017

Cape Town, South Africa: in recent years – in fact, only since 2015 – we have seen a resurgence of investment into all-age concerts for Cape Town city teens with a special focus on alternative/metal music. With the twin-headed beast of both the Build Your Scene Podcast plus The UnScene (resident at ROAR live music venue) taking on the responsibility as of late, the future is looking bright again. Naturally, this makes our hearts glad, remembering our own youth and the availability of exiting experiential avenues whereby we could find expression; particularly at that age where expression is so important.

“When I look back to when I was 18, in a band with guys who were 14, 15, 16 and 17, and playing to crowds of kids all round about that age. Now when we go to shows and underground events we see all those same faces; same bands. But I guess a worrying thought is there really aren’t all that many new faces. And who can blame them? We as a scene – as a community – need to consider the fact that these kids can’t attend the vast majority of the events we put together at clubs or festivals. Its no wonder they are all at electronic music festivals by the time they are 18. That’s the music which is accessible to them.” ~ Kyle Puller (presenter/promoter, Build Your Scene)

The vitality of all-age shows to a local scene cannot be understated. In today’s society, we are fortunate to see the increased occurrences of parents – people who enjoyed their own days of live music participation and support – bringing their own kids to the shows now opening up to be family-friendly. It is a case of members of the community taking matters into their own hands.

Kyle PullerKyle, who himself plays for the band Reverse The Sands which took a period of hiatus between 2011 and 2016 before returning to the stage, is a husband and soon-to-be father.

“Its our job to open the doors of our music community to younger generations. This needs to be done carefully, professionally, and responsibly. It is our responsibility as a scene to do this, and though it may be a lot more difficult and expensive to do its definitely worth it when you see one of these kids up on a stage a few years later. I can personally attest to that.” ~ Kyle Puller

Kyle explains how in his view the putting together of all-age shows is not something to do simply for the sake of doing it. Rather, he points out that it is critical to the long term growth and survival of our community.

“Whilst we as a group are always arguing over genre or sub-genre or sub-sub-genre, I think I can speak for most when I say that, at heart, we all believe in this culture; this family; and we want it to grow. It just means we all have to from time to time, put our money where our mouths are. This is us doing exactly that.” ~ Kyle Puller

We Came To Build 2017 takes place this coming Saturday at the Claremont Civic Hall and features six bands of various heavy metal and similar backgrounds. Co-headlining the show is international competition winners of the Wacken Metal Battle 2016, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, and alongside Megalodon who took highest honours just this weekend passed at their local heat of the same international competition for 2017. Other inclusions are Atlantic South, Peasant, Last One Alive, and Pyjama Planet. For full event details, visit the official facebook event page.

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