What Does RAMfest Have In Common With Metal And Braaing?

Metal braai

A lot, in fact! Last year at the Cape Town RAMfest festival, metal4africa and the True Believers membership club pooled resources with the festival to bring to RAMfest it’s first ‘Metal Braai’. This year, metal4africa‘s point-man for this project will be travelling to the Johannesburg festival to initiate the same concept there as well.

“This little initiative actually got started in Cape Town in 2012 already, at the RAMfest where In Flames appeared. Because it was only a one-day live music event, but included weekend camping for the party animals, we approached our allies at Paul Bothner Music for a PA System and set up a party spot right there in the campsite. It went down really well, so we did it again last year and included the braai pits.” ~ Patrick Davidson (musician & metal4africa events coordinator)

If there are two things that go down really well together in South African heavy metal culture, it is the combination of a braai and some sharing of metal music. Although True Believer RED-card members will have reserved campsites gathered around this area, the area will remain accessible to other campers and festival-goers as well and all who are interested are invited to enjoy the facilities. Metal enthusiasts in particular are encouraged to seek out this area and enjoy some time there whilst the festival is in ‘chill’ mode, and to bring music on flash drives or devices.

The ‘Metal Braai’ will also be the only area on the festival grounds where open fires will be allowed, as it will be monitored and controlled for safety reasons. Campers are encouraged to bring their own wood, grids, and even portable braais, provided it gets used only at this area of the festival grounds.

“Four braai drums will be provided in Cape Town, but please bring wood, firelighters and grids. In Johannesburg we are only starting this concept, so for now we’ll just have dug a few fire pits, so attendees must also please bring their own essentials. These will not be for sale at the festival at this stage.” ~ Patrick Davidson.

When not at the ‘Metal Braai’, festival goers can enjoy a great variety of local rock and metal acts, and not to mention USA’s Trivium and Killswitch Engage at both cities. Local metal acts will include Infanteria, SacriFist, Theatre Runs Red, Agro, All Guns Full Ammo, Facing The Gallows, Pestroy, Junkyard Lipstick, Poverty Of Ideals and more. We’d also encourage followers of this news website to keep an eye out for acts such as Dead Lucky, Black Cat Bones, The Flaming De Villes, Man As Machine, Urban Vitamin and others who we know to be fantastic cross-genre entertainers. Please check details of each city to see which of the aforementioned appear on your localized line-up:

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