What It Is To Be “Metal”

The team at M4A have recently welcomed a new addition to the family. We’re happy to add that this is our first formal liaison covering the Gauteng region, so our readers will soon notice more online content as moving away from the Cape Town scene’s relative exclusivity. We’re very excited to introduce “Silly Lilly” to you all, and she has prepared a piece here that you can see what sort of person will be representing Gauteng, and the Heavy Metal Values she will be promoting as a part of our team…

Gauteng Metal
For people like me, my gorgeous man, and our friends, metal is more than music – it’s part of who we are. To me, living heavy metal is waking up each morning with a song on your lips and a beat in your heart. Heavy metal is not music that sits in the background – and neither should you. To be metal is to be a person who stands for something, no matter how inane, stupid or insignificant it seems to other people. Be true to yourself. Be the beast that cannot die. Show the world that you will never be confused by their concept of humanity, or conform to their ideals of society, be true to yourself and your Metal Brothers and Sisters. We are a family; our duty is to stick together like no other.

The heavy metal life is simple, all-inclusive, and way more fun. Being a metal head is a state-of-mind, and has less to do with the clothes you wear and the music you like and more to do with the values you embrace, bearing this in mind, here are some values that mean a lot to me, and I am sure you would appreciate it too.

  • Metal heads do not apologize for their beliefs.
  • Metal heads care not for race, creed, religion, political affiliation, or societal status.
  • Metal heads look out for their metal brothers and sisters.
  • Metal heads admire people who think for themselves.
  • Metal heads believe as long as there is metal, life is worth living.
  • Metal heads use words and music to express themselves. They believe feelings – even ugly ones – should be released.
  • Metal heads don’t ask much of the world – good food, good drink, good friends and good music.
  • Metal heads detest being told they’re wrong.
  • Everyone has their own personal truth.
  • Above all else, Metal heads crave freedom.
  • Metal heads exemplify the power of music to unite and to heal.

I would also like to add, don’t ever let people get you down for who you are and what you believe in, listen to, the way you look, whether you are adorned in tattoos and piercings or not; because at the end of the day, when people judge you and discriminate against you, it’s perhaps because they themselves have deep dark rooted issues and are jealous of who you are, and that you are not afraid to express yourself, they try get you down because they themselves are sad and alone. We will never be alone, we have our family, and we have each other, our brothers and sisters.

I went through a traumatic time this year, were I was called numerous names, like a “soulless fairy” (I wasn’t sure if I liked that one or not) and “a bad mother”. The latter made me extremely angry as these people don’t know me or my children, and any of my brothers and sisters can tell you how happy my boys are growing up with me, it’s not easy being a single mom, but I have the happiest children I know. And another one was a pretty good attempt to get me down: “The Anti-Christ”.

Excuse me! Does it matter what you believe in? Does this make me the Anti-Christ? Should I be honored or insulted with such a title? I am who I am, the happy, sweet, Silly Lilly who lives in this make believe world of her own which she has created in her mind. My boyfriend knows about it; he calls it Cindy Land. At the end of the day thanks to my brothers and sisters, my man and my family, I stood up, fought back hard and strong and now I am being left alone and respected where before I was the object of attack. Never back down, stand up and be who you are. My metal brother Shaun told me once while I was in tears, “Don’t cry sis, just get on the dance floor and lose yourself in Metal, let all those emotions out on the dance floor and don’t ever back down.”

Love, Respect and Metal
Silly Lilly

We at www.metal4africa.com trust that our readers and our Gauteng-based brothers & sisters in steel find themselves in good hands. Feel free to give Silly Lilly a warm welcome.