Whoreborn: debut single ‘Demise’ out now

Whoreborn 2017 Demise

Johannesburg, South Africa: Whoreborn, like many which set out upon the journey, was started with an aim to bring something heavier and faster than much of what is seen in the local scene. This week, the band’s stated objective is put to the test with the release of it’s debut single, ‘Demise’.

Whoreborn, and its rise to ‘Demise’

Described rather as the coming together of two bands, Luke Haarhof (also in Vulvodynia) and Estian Smith originally were working together on a project called Coma Heart. However, with Whoreborn – consisting of Dane Herbst (vocals) and Waldo Oosthuizen (guitar) – and Coma Heart both looking for members, the two forces came together instead with the addition of Mark Marryatt (guitar).

“We realized that fusing the two bands could seriously create something with a lot of potential. We decided to keep the Whoreborn name as it already had some face in the outside world. Eventually, we pieced together”. ~ Estian Smith (vocals, Whoreborn)

The five piece, as described on its facebook page, immediately stands out for its composition consisting of two vocalists and three guitarists. Bizarre! However, the recent addition of Jimmy Pino from USA band Signs of the Swarm joining as writer for drums has brought about some real tangibility.

‘Demise’ is the first representation from an upcoming EP, simply self-titled Whoreborn, and expected in the second quarter of 2018. Apart from the audio sampler, an enchanting artwork by Indonesian illustrator Dicky Candra Irawan also offers fans a view of the EP cover for now.

“We actually purchased the piece from him because we feel like it really embodies the imagery of our name; and with this being our debut EP, it just seemed fitting. A lot of his art resonates pretty well with some of the lyrical themes we like to dabble in”. ~ Estian Smith

More on thematics

Estian describes lyrics as an embodiment of a certain evil, as well as the hatred felt for the hegemonic systems at play. Ultimately, however, Estian and Dane just write what they believe Deathcore should be about; ranging from matters of the occult, through to mental illness and suicide.

“We brought this band together through our passion for a sub-genre, really. We all noticed the lack of a local deathcore scene and decided it’s time to start building one. EXPECT US!” ~ Estian Smith

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