Wildernessking release limited edition EP

Wildernessking Levitate EP on vinyl

Cape Town, South Africa: Following hot on the heels of the 2016 release of their full length Mystical Future album, local band Wildernessking are sending out the orders for their 01 April release of Levitate this week. The band have created Levitate as their first limited edition 7″ vinyl release, limited to five minutes per side to facilitate the 45rpm format; an unusual restriction for the band to have to comply with in their expansive songwriting style. Nonetheless, this collector’s treat marks two other special qualities to fawn over:

“This was the first time we had someone play piano on a recording. This was also the first time we tracked as a live band. What the listener is hearing is one take, and then we overdubbed vocals and leads.” ~ Keenan Oakes (vocals/bass, Wildernessking)

The release features two songs ‘Light’ and ‘Birth’, and can be purchased directly from the labels offering it in the available formats: the 7″ vinyl via Permanent Record (South Africa), and on cassette via Breathe Plastic Records (Holland). It was also released digitally on 01 April via the Wildernessking bandcamp page.

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