Witchfest 2016 South Africa: line-up and price

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In 2015, metalheads from South Africa and abroad were treated to a festival like none other before in Africa. A line-up of more than a dozen internationally renowned extreme metal bands and more than twice that number of locals materialized in Newtown, Johannesburg for an urban festival of heavy metal music. With the exchange rate currently favouring international visitors to the country, local promoter Witchdoctor Productions are bringing Witchfest back in 2016 with an equally appetizing line-up including the likes of Behemoth, At The Gates, The Haunted, Grave and more. Featuring a unique “urban camping” environment in the heart of Johannesburg’s cultural center, the full weekend event offers international heavy metal adventurers an unparalleled opportunity to visit the African continent whilst indulging in a dose of international-standard heavy metal as well as to delve headlong into local metal culture. Within a few hours drive are some of the regions prized natural beauties and wildlife reserves.

This week, the festival released the full line up and final ticket pricing. The venue, Bassline, has a strict capacity limit of 1200 people per day. Tickets include full weekend options, camping add-on’s, plus one-day passes. If any given day sells out it’s day-passes, then full weekend options will fall away also, so do not hesitate if you are interested in the whole experience. Full weekend tickets and camping add-on’s can be bought via the promoters website at www.witchdoctorproductions.com, or the full selection including one-day passes for each day via South Africa’s leading ticket agent at www.computicket.com.

Ticket Pricing:

Full weekend pass – R1740 (+/- EUR 106)
Full weekend camping add-on – R990 (+/- EUR 60)
One-day pass – R580 (+/- EUR 35)

A-Z line-up:

All Guns Full Ammo (Cape Town, RSA)
As We Fall (Gauteng, RSA)
At The Gates (Sweden)
Beeldenstorm (Cape Town, RSA)
Behemoth (Poland)
BloodBeast (Gauteng, RSA)
Cattle Decapitation (USA)
Corax (Gauteng, RSA)
Diskord (Norway)
Displeased Disfigurement (Middelburg, RSA)
Facing The Gallows (Gauteng, RSA)
Grave (Sweden)
In Dreams (Gauteng, RSA)
Insidious Reign (Gauteng, RSA)
Killatoria (Gauteng, RSA)
Konkhra (Denmark)
Krisiun (Brazil)
Lesuth (Gauteng, RSA)
Misery Index (USA)
Nerve Zero (Gauteng, RSA)
Origin (USA)
Pulvis Et Umbra (Italy)
Riddlebreak (Gauteng, RSA)
Rotting Christ (Greece)
Skinned (USA)
Spectral Realm (Gauteng, RSA)
Subject To Slaughter (Cape Town, RSA)
The Fallen Prophets (Cape Town, RSA)
The Haunted (Sweden)
The Ocean (Germany)
The Overmind (Durban, RSA)
Thread of Omen (Cape Town, RSA)
Voltumna (Italy)
Wargrave (Cape Town, RSA)

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