With Dawn: first sneak at ‘Tethys’ now showing

With Dawn 2017 Tethys in-sleeve image

Cape Town, South Africa: progressive post-hardcore band With Dawn is preparing for the release of it’s new EP titled Tethys in May 2017. The first sneak peek of one of the tracks, ‘Legacy’, has emerged over the weekend for fans to indulge themselves in anticipation of the work to come.

Front man, Kevin Rule, describes Tethys as being concept-driven; in essence, a single item of music, but broken into digestible parts.

“The whole thing is one song broken up into four parts, with each being a specific part of the character’s journey. ‘Legacy’ is about letting go of the negativity that keeps you stuck in the same place and moving forward in life. The whole concept revolves around the water spirit ‘Tethys’ who does not want to be on Earth anymore and can feel a calling to the stars. She leaves her water body and transforms into gas as she travels the cosmos, eventually finding a celestial body that she knows is her soulmate; so she transforms into ice, enveloping this other body and they become one.” ~ Kevin Rule (vocals/guitar, With Dawn)

With a concept sounding as beautiful as the audio snippet supplied in the teaser below, we can only expect another monumental release from With Dawn as with it’s 2014 full length album, Infinity, which can be acquired via the band’s Bandcamp page.

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