Wolmer Rock Show: it’s back!

Wolmer Rock Show 2016 banner

Pretoria, South Africa: Believe it or not, Wolmer Rock Show is back! Hosted by Wolmer Bush Lounge at their own venue in Pretoria North, this long established annual tradition has returned after a couple of years M.I.A.

Spread across the weekend of 29 April to 01 May – and the lawns between two stages at Wolmer Bush Lounge – fifty bands of mixed genres will congregate at a mere R250 (limited early birds) for a full weekend escape. Even at the full price of R300, this festival looks to be the best value for money festival outing in the country! Included, for our main readership’s specific interest, are a good number of champions representing our own Metal ranks: Adorned In Ash, Deadline, Deity’s Muse, Facing The Gallows, Ham Of Bob (Lamb Of God tribute band), Hokum, Maximum Carnage, My Columbine, Octainium, PitVirus, Raptorbaby, Riddlebreak, Urban Vitamin, Vulvodynia, and Wildernessking to name just a few.

We sought to find out if this event was a replacement for the Wolmer Fest of the past two years, but Heine Van Der Walt from Wolmer Bush Lounge says it is not a replacement so much as reviving an older, longer lasting tradition, but introducing new ideas and infrastructure accumulated since. Heine has taken over operations at Wolmer Bush Lounge in more recent years, and now feels ready to bring back the official Wolmer Rock Show and to make it the biggest one yet.

“We had the ‘Fest’ label on the previous two years – which were the first we’ve held with two stages – and focused mainly on metal and hardcore. This one with the ‘Rock Show’ tag on it we’ve been hosting from around 1997 I think, but it was run by my elder brothers.” ~ Heine Van Der Walt

Heine described that an earlier intention was to ‘evolve’ the Wolmer Rock Show and Wolmer Fest into one thing – as the latter has taken place in the previous two years at around this time – but with the focus of Wolmer Fest having been fixed more exclusively on heavier music only, Heine admits that it may be better to do both, each as their own unique show.

“We’ll probably do an event through the year again with the ‘Fest’ label; the one that Armandt Keyser and I run. But it’ll focus more on heavy bands again where the Wolmer Rock Show includes folk, blues, rock, metal, and everything in between. It feels best to revive it to it’s own thing as people have grown familiar with it, and they miss the multi-genre vibe that we always did.” ~ Heine Van Der Walt

For full line-up and other details on this encouraging revival, visit the official facebook event page.

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