Wolven Decorum Tease At Being “Deeper Than Bone, Longer Than Death”


As the cold grip of winter descends on the south of Africa (I have to keep reminding myself that the continent is massive!), black metal seems to be rearing it’s head above the waves once more. Friday’s release of a new track from Frostagrath was conicidentally followed up by this short, but arresting video from Cape Town black metallers, Wolven Decorum who were last seen on stage at Metal4Africa Winterfest 2011!

The video, with it’s grainy footage of World War 2 tanks, groaning guitars and (presumably) song titles on screen is nothing short of evocative. The imagery immediately made me think of Marduk‘s Panzer Division Marduk album cover. Stay tuned for more info on Wolven Decorum‘s Deeper than Bone, Longer Than Death EP and check out the teaser video below. If you’ve been waiting for some second-wave-inspired black metal, this could be just the thing you need!