Your Cynical Sanity: Clusterfuck opens a new chapter

Your Cynical Sanity 2017 Clusterfuck

Durban, South Africa: with roots tracing back to 2012, Your Cynical Sanity continues to shape itself. With former members including some attached to present day international sensation Vulvodynia, we knew to expect something heavy! With today’s release of ‘Clusterfuck’, Your Cynical Sanity introduces a new chapter in its unfolding story as it finds its style in brutal groove-laden power.

Clusterfuck, first release with new line-up

Although always heavy, the band’s character has changed somewhat. In particular, since both founding guitarists have departed and the writing fallen to new shoulders. We chatted with a member tasked with this responsibility about how it feels to put this first single into the public space since taking the reigns.

“It’s such a relief man. I mean we had content before but that was written by the previous guitarists, so this was the first release of the new style since I had joined. It had been sitting for a while. We practiced and pressed everyone to write up tabs, etc, then we had the chance to ‘DIY’ record so we went for it. With it finally out we’re all pretty stoked man; we’re just happy to be able to show our friends who had seen us at shows”. ~ Shane Kayat (guitar, Your Cynical Sanity)

Shane also describes the new content in the works as taking a different thematic approach too; moving away from more generic Deathcore themes to “real world” issues, such as religion and social norms:

“A lot of commentary on how humanity kills itself; how we fuck ourselves up and watch it happen. And some songs that just read like a bit of a horror movie”. ~ Shane Kayat

We look forward to hearing more to come from Your Cynical Sanity in the months to come. We are told to expect a few more singles and, ultimately, an EP towards the end of 2017.

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