Zero Stroke leak EP prior to live launch

Zero Stroke As The Colours Seep

Zero Stroke from Cape Town are set to join massing legions of South African progsters who are forming up a frontline in the local live scene. Akin – in spirit if not in sound – to the likes of Poverty Of Ideals, Ohgod!, With Dawn, Raptorbaby, Paving the Labyrinth or The Hunt For Higher Ground (Namibia), there is an apparent movement towards pushing boundaries away from typical popular appeal in music (even in the more underground stuff). For Zero Stroke, January 2015 is already marked by two key milestones in this conquest of theirs: the bands online release today of their debut EP As The Colours Seep (which will be launched live this weekend at ROAR – event details here); followed immediately at next weekend by a performance at Cape Town’s premier metal event SummerFest’15 (event details here). Beyond January, there are talks of a national tour!

The band, which comes as a relatively new name to the scene, have been performing lower profile shows in 2014 during the build-up to their release, yet whose members are no strangers to live performance. The entire repertoire of current Zero Stroke members are returning to the circuit from an absence since 2010 when they performed as a different band, but are now more musically focused which warranted a new name to compliment the revived energy. The five-track As The Colours Seep clocks in at thirty minutes and covers a very dynamic range of soundscape and instrumentation. We wanted to know more about the thinking behind the songwriting…

“I think for us we all love the more obscure musicians. We feel that a lot of them shouldn’t be regarded ‘obscure’, but they are not really appreciated by the modern music listener. We love jazz, we love odd time signatures and technical playing. We do not limit our writing process by trying to fit in a genre, we just let it flow and do what comes naturally. And our eclectic mix of tastes and appreciation for musicians pushing boundaries hopefully comes out in the EP.” ~ Michael Short (vocals, Zero Stroke)

The EP is currently available to the public for free download at the bands bandcamp page, and we urge you visit the Zero Stroke facebook page for updates on tour dates coming soon.

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