Zimbabwe gets first ever heavy metal concert

Dividing The Element press 2015

In March this year, we were thrilled to see a track released by a heavy metal band from Zimbabwe as the first tangible evidence of anything representing the genre from that country at all (see article here). Since then, we have kept an eye on Dividing The Element, who have just released their second stunning track ‘Kumba Kumusha’, with great interest. We are even more excited to see that this weekend on Saturday 05 September 2015, they will be hosting the first known (documented) metal concert to ever take place in the capital city Harare, or likely in the whole country of Zimbabwe. With the band putting in such effort to break new ground, we got into contact to hear a little more about what it is that they are hoping to achieve:

“We are really excited to finally be staging this event, as well as for the band to perform live. Not only is it the first metal gathering of Zimbabwe, but is also the first step in developing a more stable and consistent metal scene here, bringing metalheads together face to face.” ~ Chris “Mandebvu” Van (vocals/guitar, Dividing The Element)

The event, which will showcase Dividing The Element live in concert, will be taking place at the Reps Theatre in Maasdorp Avenue, Harare. With only the one band performing, Chris is hoping that the event will serve to reach out to other enthusiasts of the genre and lead to greater things for metal in his country. With no previous ‘scene’ infrastructure to ride on, Dividing The Element have had to start from scratch and can hopefully boast the laying of a foundation upon which to build once the concert has been completed.

“It has been quite a difficult undertaking, but thanks to some hard work and a handful of determined, supportive, and very considerate people, it has all fallen into place. The main idea of the event is to finally hold a live metal performance in Zimbabwe, and to get as many of the metalheads together in one place so that they can meet and network with each other.” ~ Chris “Mandebvu” Van

Chris cites members of the local community as being instrumental in the realization of this first step to a bigger dream:

Reps Theatre has been very accommodating and supportive of our endeavour in terms of budgetary constraints. Especially considering that we don’t know what to expect regarding turnout! We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Reps for their unwavering support and consideration of the band, as well their willing involvement in helping to form and consolidate the metal scene in Harare. A special mention should also go out to all of our crew and technical operators, who have offered their time and labour free of charge to see this happen.” ~ Chris “Mandebvu” Van

For anybody seeking to attend, but are unfamiliar with the geography of the venue, instructions are to look for signs with the Dividing The Element logo pointing out directions to the Adrian Stanley Room where the concert will take place. Upon payment of a US$10 cover charge, members of the public will receive a stamp which allows them access to the Reps Members’ bar area. A waiter service between the performance room and the bar has also been arranged for those who do not wish to miss a single moment of the event. Two “Jager-Ladies” will also be present in the performance room offering Jagermeister shots at $2.

For any other details or inquiries, feel free to link up with the official facebook event page.

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