Zombies Ate My Girlfriend: Immolation, single out now

Cape Town, South Africa: the countdown to Shun The Reptile continues, and today you can enjoy a first proper audio preview with the single ‘Immolation’. Shun The Reptile is the eagerly anticipated full length follow up to Zombies Ate My Girlfriend‘s 2015 debut album, Retrocide. The Retrocide cycle did incredibly well for the band, opening doors across not only South Africa, but in Germany too; where the band has set sights to return in 2019 to promote the new work.

Immolation: an eclectic preview to Shun The Reptile

‘Immolation’ boasts quite a bit of dynamism from what can be considered the “classic Zombies sound”. Riffing veers this way and that, hinting Djenty drones to all out Thrash grooves and loads between; wrapped up neatly in one beefy package! If this is anything to go by, Shun The Reptile promises to live up to expectations and beyond.

‘Immolation’s context is darkly familiar to many South Africans. In spite of a seemingly playful name, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend reflects on the surroundings in which it creates and paints an aural soundscape of it:

“We live in a very violent place. There are things that happen here regularly that would send shivers down the spines of most first world citizens. Babies thrown into the trash, children drowning in long drop toilets; I mean literally drowning in a tomb of feces. Walk most places at night and you’re likely to get robbed, raped or killed. Hijackings, home invasions; in the cities, suburbs, rural areas and townships. Nobody is safe here. It’s just a constant stream of the most horrendous acts you could imagine committed against your fellow women, men and children. We’re really the ‘hold my beer’ nation of grotesque morals.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues (guitar/composer, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend)

Statistically speaking, South Africans are said to face atrocities at a rate comparable with people living in war zones.

“I guess that’s where the whole, ‘my eyes are full’ thing comes from. You’re just getting blasted day in and day out with news reports of the most vile acts of murder and rape. It really starts to feel like you’re living with some form of low level trauma. So there’s ‘Immolation’ in that sense. And, of course, the people that pay with their actual lives.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues

Shun The Reptile: pre-order and launch details:

‘Immolation’ and seven other tracks make landfall via major digital platforms on 02 November, 2018. Zombies Ate My Girlfriend are performing two live launch shows in South Africa immediately after, before casting its gaze abroad in 2019.

03 November @ Sundowners, Johannesburg, with:
Riddlebreak, Deadline and Chaos Doctrine

09 November @ Mercury Live, Cape Town, with:
Atlantic South

In the meantime place your pre-order via Zombies Ate My Girlfriend Bandcamp or iTunes.

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Zombies Ate My Girlfriend 2018 press by Laura McCullagh
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend: photograph by Laura McCullagh