Zombies Ate My Girlfriend offer preview of Forthcoming Album

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend Retrocide album art

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend will be appearing at metal4africa’s SummerFest’15 on 31 January, just a few weeks before their official Retrocide album launch on 28 February at ROAR near Cape Town. To mark the occasion, the band and their label Burning Tone Records have decided to preview the album artwork and track listing to whet appetites in advance of both shows:

1. Appropriate Hate Crimes (single already released: listen here)
2. The Spear
3. Burn the Scene
4. Cold Cuts
5. Jahan (single already released: listen here)
6. Dead Russian
7. Maranatha
8. Retrocide
9. Hail the Disaster

The songs ‘Maranatha’ and ‘Hail the Disaster’, we are told, will be premiered live at SummerFest’15, with others on the album remaining a surprise for when the actual launch occurs in February.

With such dramatic album art, it begged of us the question “What the f###?”, to which we were obliged.

“The concept behind the album cover is contrast. Bluntly put, it’s taking the extremely polarized nature of our South African society and shoving it in your face.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues (guitarist/writer, Zombies AMG)

Although not specifically politically inclined, he further pointed out that with South Africans enjoying one of the greatest constitutions in the world, it seldom appears to translate into such at ground-level when one observes a society which remains heavily engrossed in the wrong-doings of the past. Adriano shares a personal view against such unwanted elements in society as racist and homophobic tendencies, amidst others.

“The album title itself has more to do with a personal journey I’ve been taking with music for the last few years. This isn’t a concept album, although the most consistent theme running through the album would have to be transformation and self-realization. Songs like ‘Dead Russian’, ‘Retrocide’ and ‘Hail the Disaster’ focus on the “Retrocide” theme which is all this self-doubt, negative headspace type of vibe before the acceptance. ‘Jahan’ is about as positive as it gets. Even when the topics move away from the violent shedding of the old, the overall atmosphere is still very negative. We also took our first stab at a politically-themed track. I’ve never really wanted to go there but it ended up coming out on ‘The Spear’, mostly it’s about my love/hate relationship with my home South Africa.” ~ Adriano

The design was done by long-time Burning Tone Records ally, Vinci Illustration & Design, with the photography done by a team consisting of Seema Allie and Taariq Sepstar.

For more information on SummerFest’15, visit the press release on this website, and for the Zombies Ate My Girlfriend Retrocide album launch, visit the facebook event page.

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