Zombies Ate My Girlfriend Seek New Bassist


We learned that Cape Town’s popular modern metal act Zombies Ate My Girlfriend have had to bid farewell to their original bass player, Wesley Robb (pictured: back-center), as he takes his non-musical career to new heights. In a chat with Adriano Rodrigues, guitarist, and co-founder of the band, he said:

“We’re going to miss him like crazy! The man in the dress is basically impossible to replace. Few male bassist’s would be able to pull off the kind of confident stage presence that that Wesley does, and all the whilst wearing such an outfit. As tribute to memory of Wesley’s three years service to the band, we’ve decided that our new bassists will not be wearing a dress.” ~ Adriano

Wesley has been a figure in the Cape Town metal scene for some years prior to Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, having also performed with 21st Century Tragedy and The Broken Result. At this juncture, his career in the culinary field (ironically… Zombies?) has to take precedence because of clashes between work and band activities. A formal statement posted by the band said:

“It is with much sadness that we announce Wesley Robb’s departure from the band. Wesley will no longer be playing for Zombies due to work commitments. We are extremely bummed to see him go but wish him all the best in his latest culinary endeavour.” ~ Zombies Ate My Girlfriend facebook page

Wesley’s next and final show with Zombies Ate My Girlfriend will be at ROAR on 07 February along with Infanteria and Moment Of Clarity; an event titled The Dog Show. In the meantime, we have been told that the band is ready to welcome auditions from members of the public, and invites that serious contenders contact them via their facebook page. Below is a video of Zombies Ate My Girlfriend performing at www.metal4africa.com’s WinterFest’12.

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