Zombies Ate My Girlfriend throw The Spear

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend art for The Spear

Cape Town’s Zombies Ate My Girlfriend released a third and final single from their forthcoming Retrocide album today. The blistering track titled ‘The Spear’ represents the bands first steps into the fray already occupied by a few other South Africa metal bands which can otherwise be labelled as ‘South African politics’; a contentious and mostly distressing subject for many. In a previous interview, a band representative described the album as dark, whilst also dealing with matters of transformation and positive growth:

“The overall atmosphere is still very negative. We also took our first stab at a politically-themed track. I’ve never really wanted to go there but it ended up coming out on ‘The Spear’, mostly it’s about my love/hate relationship with my home South Africa.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues (guitars, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend)

For the uninitiated, ‘The Spear’ is a title shared with a notorious painting by South African fine artist, Brett Murray, which depicts the controversial South African president standing with his genitals exposed. It is widely known that this president practices polygamy, and has been in the news in previous years for a rape trial which opened him and his principles to question and ridicule. He is currently sitting his second term in office as the president, a fact which many South Africans have voiced dissatisfaction over. The artwork for the single depicts a similar colour scheme to the original painting.

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