Zombies Ate My WinterFest’16…?

Zombies Ate My WinterFest16

Cape Town, South Africa: local metal band Zombies Ate My Girlfriend depart for Germany on 30 July 2016 to represent South Africa at Wacken Open Air as part of the international Wacken Metal Battle 2016. The band’s label, Burning Tone Records, has seized this opportunity to launch a tour, kicking off with a send-off party on the night of Friday 29 July at ROAR, and have collaborated with M4A to include that as a part of our own decennial celebrations taking place on the 30th of July with WinterFest’16.

“At M4A, we’re always most excited about the stories where local metal is making an impact abroad, no matter how big or small. This is our mission – the purpose of our existence as a website and organization – to drive a more global agenda for local artists. We saw an opportunity to celebrate a M4A accomplishment alongside a great local band’s accomplishment.” ~ Patrick Davidson (editor/news writer, www.metal4africa.com)

The two have joined forces to increase the festivities of WinterFest’16, M4A‘s 20th event over the 10-year period of operations, to include a Friday night component with the Zombies Ate My Girlfriend Tour the Disaster send-off party.

“We’ve been longtime supporters of M4A and couldn’t be happier that the festival is now in it’s tenth year. I honestly think that this event series alone has sped up the evolution of South African Metal. It’s the kind of fest where even young upstart bands get to play to a hungry metal crowd. This goes a long way in boosting the confidence of bands, creating network opportunities and basically giving bands a ‘goal’ of sorts.

When we started, our first priority was to play M4A, it was all we had on our minds: the launch of our debut EP at WinterFest’12. Almost five years later, and now we’re heading off to Wacken Open Air to represent S.A. It’s still unreal for us. So in lieu of the fact that we ourselves are missing out on attending this very special WinterFest’16, we would love to celebrate our last night in South Africa and the first night of our Tour the Disaster tour with the people that got us this far. We owe everything to them.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues

For local Metal enthusiasts who wish to be there, do that, and literally “buy the T-shirt”, there will be some bundle deals to consider. The first offer to emerge from this collaboration is a discounted entry/bundled ticket. Both events are offering a 20% discount off of their door fees to make both nights more attractive. Normal entrance fee for Friday night 29 July Tour the Disaster will be R50, and normal entrance fee for WinterFest’16 on Saturday 30 July will be R100. Patrons who wish to attend both can buy their wristband for the full weekend at ROAR on Friday night for a total of R120 instead of spending R150 across both shows.

Also, for members of this website’s True Believer funding initiative, those who wish to purchase shirts of either WinterFest’16 as well as the killer new Zombies Ate My Girlfriend design, or just one or the other, are invited to do so via their True Believer with a split payment option over up to three months. The shirts for both will be available for collection at ROAR on the 29th, or WinterFest’16 on the 30th. A final artwork and price for the Zombies Ate My Girlfriend T-shirts will become available later this week, but inquiries are invited via tshirts.metal4africa(at)gmail(dot)com as from today.

WinterFest'16 Tshirt design

Tour the Disaster

29 July @ ROAR, Cape Town SA
4 August @ Wacken Open Air, Ger
7 August @ Ballroom, Hamburg Ger
10 August @ The Assembly, Cape Town SA


30 July, 12 Viben Avenue, Cape Town (Brackenfell)