Jacey Cronje 1982 – 2012

Jacey was the rhythm guitarist of the symphonic blackened metal band Spectral Realm.
To his band mates he was the guy who always spoke his mind no matter what. He thoroughly enjoyed playing guitar for Spectral Realm and had started work his own musical project, composing everything himself.

On the way home from a gig in Rustenburg on the 7th July, Jacey and the rest of Spectral Realm were on the R21 highway when a tragic accident took his life as well as the lives of two friends.
He lived his 30 years as a true metal fan, metal flowing in his veins.

He will never be forgotten in the hearts of his family, friends and band members. He was the happy-go-lucky guy who everyone felt comfortable chatting to.

His memory will live on forever in the Spectral Realm.