Abaddon: The Fractured Race, album available now

ABADDON 2018 The Fractured Race

Cape Town, South Africa: Abaddon released its first “Blackened Thrash Metal” album, The Fractured Race, with a live launch in Somerset West on Saturday. The Fractured Race is now also available digitally via bandcamp as from last night.

The Fractured Race

Incidentally, Abaddon wrote and recorded The Fractured Race well before 2018 already. It’s unusual for a band to sit on an album for almost a year before releasing. We made some inquiry about this:

“We had a lot of member problems before, during, and even after the album recording; which I think is now finally sorted out. And since then we also decided to spend a lot of time getting the artwork just right with Jason from Sepulchral Visions.” ~ Wian Jacobs (vocals, Abaddon)

We already spoke with Wian about the artwork previously when it was unveiled in August.

The Fractured Race was effectively written and recorded by only Abaddon‘s three founding members; Wian, his brother Marco on guitars (and bass for recording), and Petri Smit on drums. With a full and stable line-up now in place; consisting of Riaan van Niekerk on bass and Divan de Kock adding another layer of guitar; the band is eager to move into a new phase almost immediately after performing a couple of launch shows.

“I’m quite curious – or amped actually – to see what’s going to happen now with Riaan and Divan. They’ve been writing a lot, so I think the next album we’re going to start recording sometime soon now. I think it’s going to be quite a bit different from this first one.” ~ Wian Jacobs

For Abaddon, this appears to be only the beginning of an exciting journey, with much yet to come! Check out The Fractured Race below.

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