Abaddon: Rise of Terror, new album out

Abaddon 2020 Rise of Terror artwork

Cape Town, South Africa: bringing elements of thrash metal and black metal together with a few other fascinating twists, Abaddon is back with a brand new album. Behold, Rise of Terror.

Rise of Terror follows two years after the band’s debut album, The Fractured Race. Both albums surfaced near to the date of Halloween; with this year’s latest release arriving on the popular horror festival. A most fitting decision when one considers the lyrical themes that Abaddon likes to explore.

Rise of Terror

Abaddon released Rise of Terror via MMD Records, a local label which has put a lot of energy behind South African extreme music lately. The album was mixed and mastered by Daniel Louw, with artwork by Jason Modryc of Sepulchral Visions. Whilst a member mentions that lockdown was a bit of a hurdle, Abaddon has a hilarious music video to show for it.

“Despite many delays due to the lockdown, we are glad to have been able to finally release the album this year. The album definitely shows how we have grown as a band, and we’re excited to have our fans hear our evolution.” ~ Wian Jacobs (vocals, Abaddon)

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