Adorned in Ash: new album, Apocalyptic Violence

Pretoria, South Africa: five years after The Dead Walk Among Us and Adorned in Ash is back with its second album, Apocalyptic Violence. The eclectic metal band explores a plethora of sub-genres and has enjoyed a hugely active gigging career in the lead up to the present offering.

Apocalyptic Violence

Our first preview of Apocalyptic Violence arrived early in 2019 with the single ‘The Day The Sky Rolls Up’. The song already displayed the growth in writing which Adorned in Ash has developed over the five years of constant touring, gigging and life’s unforeseen challenges. 

“This sets the tone for the entire album; a concept album in the sense of theme more than plot.  It is a higher level of everything that has made Adorned in Ash the technical yet brutal multi genre metal band that it has always been.” ~ Marinus Terblanche (bass, Adorned in Ash)

Full artwork/CD inlay, created by Robyn Ferguson

An aural and visual expression

The album art is a prominent feature of Apocalyptic Violence. It features a painting by vocalist and lead guitarist, Robyn Ferguson, depicting the theme of the album. Indeed, each portion of the artwork ties in with an individual song on the album.

The complete Apocalyptic Violence is available today, and can be streamed via all major platforms.

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Adorned in Ash 2018 Robyn Ferguson Ibanez
Robyn Ferguson: image by Nathan Ferreira (Snapback Photography)