Chaos Doctrine: And in the Beginning… They Lied

Chaos Doctrine 2021 And In The Beginning They Lied

Johannesburg, South Africa: the eagerly anticipated new album, And in the Beginning… They Lied, is here! Chaos Doctrine treated us to an exclusive for the track ‘The Rite’ earlier this week, and some chatter about the band’s musical work.

And in the Beginning… They Lied

And in the Beginning… They Lied consists of nine tracks of electronically-infused heavy metal power! Some might call it Industrial Metal, or to compare it to the likes of White Zombie or Ministry. As part of the exclusive earlier this week, we enjoyed a chat with one of the band members to discuss more about the music.

“From the beginning of this band, before we were even called Chaos Doctrine, I wanted an electronic infusion; a load of samples and keys and industrial percussion. But, the foundation of it I wanted very heavy metal.” ~ Dr D (vocals, Chaos Doctrine)

The attitude and lyrical content seems also appealing to fans of this kind of genre. Dr D offers a further description to Chaos Doctrine‘s latest work:

“The new album is rife with symbolism. While ‘And in the Beginning … They Lied’ is by no means a concept album, its title and cover, together with its first two and last two tracks, line up perfectly to tell the album’s story.” ~ Dr D

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