Chris Prophet: debut album, Athaza, released

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Pretoria, South Africa: we “met” Chris Prophet for the first time two weeks ago with the release of his single ‘Star Gaze’. Today we got to hear his full-length debut album Athaza for the first time, and it’s been on repeat play since.

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Athaza displays a clear emphasis on beauty and introspection rather than the all-out aggression often attributed to Metal. The title is in fact a shortened phrase to represent Athazagoraphobia; a phobia of being ignored or forgotten. Chris Prophet dedicates Athaza to a close friend who passed away unexpectedly in 2016. However, this work is the culmination of nine years worth of emotional and musical exploration.

“Athaza was the dream I thought I could never achieve; the jewel I thought I could never find, or; the album that I thought I never could write. Without the unconditional support of my closest friends and family and the continuous positive feedback from people who listened to it, this album never would have seen the light of day” ~ Chris Prophet

It just goes to show that perseverance and commitment to seeing a dream realized will eventually manifest.

Stream and purchase Chris Prophet‘s debut album via Bandcamp. You can also access Athaza via the popular platforms of Apple, Google Play, Spotify and Deezer, among others.

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