A Collection of South African Metal: compilation album

A Collection of South African Metal

A Collection of South African Metal 2019 album cover

Hamburg, Germany: today, 100 copies of a promotional album are making their way to Wacken Open Air festival. Our own Editor in Chief, Patrick Davidson, is completing the pilgrimage in person for the first time. The precious cargo he carries makes up a key part of the South African delegation this year.

A Collection of South African Metal

Emalyth, the local promoter for Wacken Metal Battle, teamed up with metal4africa to print the album. Some excess funds raised at the local finals in April makes this possible, as well as some contributions from participating bands. Other stakeholders include Dreamlab Studios which provided mastering for the compilation; Emalyth‘s other project, the SAMMA; as well as the sixteen bands whose music is featured. Most of the bands on the album, simply titled A Collection of South African Metal, performed at the local finals.

“I think the compilation is another great way to honour the bands that took part in the battle, to show them that even though they may not have had the opportunity to perform live at Wacken Open Air, The Metal Battle South Africa, Emalyth, SAMMA and M4A teams will ensure their music makes its way to new ears at mighty mecca of metal, Wacken Open Air.” ~ Sashquita Northey (event coordinator, Emalyth)

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Things happening in SA metal: recent past, present and near future.

Some others were approached who have albums recently released or forthcoming. The first track, of course, opens the album with ‘Dead Mindset’ by Facing The Gallows; as is appropriate with the locally legendary metalcore act representing South Africa at the international finals.

The rest of the album aims to exhibit much of the dynamism and broad representation of sub-genre which the South African scene offers.

“There are a lot of cool bands who feature on the album; some who have been pioneers of metal music in this country. Such as Mind Assault and Bleeding Spawn, through to newer acts that are currently thriving, such as Rhakshah and Forsaking Fate.” ~ Sashquita Northey

All We’ve Known, Deadline, Mind Assault and The Drift all have albums coming out within the foreseeable future. Portraits of Flesh and Rhakshah both can boast epic recent releases. And this seems to be only the tip of the iceberg for South African metal in the coming months.

Building bridges.

M4A‘s Patrick and co-judge, Carlos Sanches, will represent South Africa on the judging panel. Whilst not allowed to vote for Facing The Gallows, the two are certainly allows to promote the band, as well as “brand ZA Metal” whilst rubbing shoulders with plenty of influential people from scores of local scenes.

“There is a good amount of variety on this album, and I think it’s a great representation of what South African metal has to offer. Hopefully each band featured on the album makes a new fan through this initiative; and the bridges built between foreign bands and local ones can peak.” ~ Sashquita Northey

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