Dead Man Risen: Die With Me, album out today

Dead Man Risen 2021 Die With Me

Port Elizabeth, South Africa: Shaun Mitchell and his solo project Dead Man Risen is back with a new album, Die With Me.

Die With Me: album number four

Formerly the vocalist for Bloemfontein’s Dreams Of Nightmares, Shaun Mitchell resurfaced on the M4A radar in 2017. Unable to be freed from the trappings of a creative headbanger, the “man”, presumed “dead”, had indeed risen with his debut solo album, Vampyre. He has diligently released an album per year since then, with the exception of 2020, of course; for which we’ll gladly forgive anybody.

The saga of the dead man continues. The latest album revisits some industrial elements first seen in his earlier material, after which Shaun focused more intently on melodic death metal for a while.

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