Deadline: Sophomore album, Cathedral Point, out today

Deadline 2020 Cathedral Point

Pretoria, South Africa: lockdown may have brought new challenges to the South African scene but it hasn’t held back heavy metal good guys, Deadline. Today, with the release of their sophomore album, Cathedral Point, they are showing the world that they have finally come into their own. 

Fast and heavy, and more committed to the heavy metal roots of its members, Cathedral Point is both a continuation of Black Wolf City, through the story of Lady Blitzkrieg told through a graphic novel approach, but also a departure from the hard rock experimentation that characterised the 2017 debut.

Historical References in Cathedral Point

The songs on Cathedral Point include references to historical events, similar to the band’s major influence, Iron Maiden. Look out for themes on conspiracy theories and shapeshifting too. So, how do they pick their themes?

“Go where the song takes you. The riffs must ultimately lead you to the theme.  If the song sounds thrashy, then I look at thrash metal topics like war, pestilence, conspiracy theories, etc… If it sounds sexy, I write about an evil female protagonist (my favourite topic). And if it has an air of Iron Maiden, then I go straight to the history books. Haha! I do sometimes get songs where the riff writer has a concept or theme or some lyrics penned. In that case, I run with that but give it my twist.’ ~ Jesse Switchblade (vocals, Deadline)

Finding Their Sound

When Deadline formed they had little vision for the future that was on the cards: a future that included being offered an opening slot for Judas Priest and taking some winnings at the South African Metal Music Awards. These moments of glory may be of no surprise to those who have seen how hard they have worked to get there, but it does feel incredulous that this “former hard rock” band has exploded onto the metal scene and people are now hungry for what they have to offer. 

Jesse Switchblade feels that the band has finally found their sound and even lets slip that the band has already written four songs similar to what you’ll find on Cathedral Point, which are likely to end up on their next album. 

Livestream Tomorrow

If you’re reading this post, make sure to catch the livestream of the album launch tomorrow. We know it won’t be nearly as great as the real thing, but it’s going to be something you don’t want to miss. Tickets are free, but you can also buy one through Howler, or get yourself something from their album-themed merch or, even better, purchase one of the limited edition copies of this incredible album, in one of the two colour schemes, either Mysterious Lilith Immortal Purple & Yellow or Fiery Bloodbeast Red & Yellow. Got to love their dedication to fantastical names. 

More importantly, listen to Cathedral Point on all major online platforms, right now! 

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