Dreams Of Nightmares: new album, Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

Dreams Of Nightmares 2019 Dark Shadows

Bloemfontein, South Africa: with the fifth installation of this city’s annual metal show, Metal Circuit V, just been wrapped up, we take a moment to look at what this city is accomplishing for itself. Bloemfontein exists in relative isolation from the national scene, if compared with the key urban centers of Cape Town and Gauteng.

But Bloemfontein is not alone in this. Other cities which suffer similar isolation include East London and Port Elizabeth. It is up to each city to rise up and forge its own identity in the national metalscape, and Bloemfontein has done just this in recent years. And at the heart of this storm seems to be the local Death Metal band, Dreams of Nightmares.

Today we recognize the band’s second album which Dreams Of Nightmares released last week. It is titled Dark Shadows.

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Dark Shadows

Dreams of Nightmares launched Dark Shadows with a live show at Metal Circuit V. It featured guests from other parts of the country, including Deadline and DeathSpringer from Pretoria, and Resurrection of Fetal Remains from Middelberg; plus two more local bands, Anarcholist and Shigionoth.

The album was recorded by Bartho Lubbe at Practical Audio Solutions in Bloemfontein and is also available in hard copy. We asked a band member to describe some of what drives the band to create music, manifests on the album:

“To some the album up in a few words: The Darkness that fills the void; the good and the evil that exists in all of us, and; the constant fight to keep the balance.” ~ Stefan Viljoen (guitar, Dreams of Nightmares)

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