FANGS Volume III: latest from Mongrel Records


Johannesburg, South Africa: the third edition, FANGS Volume III, is now available from Mongrel Records. The label, established only one year ago, is powering forward with its Fangs concept, offering a marvelous snapshot of African Metal and associated genres through it’s respective volumes.


Volume III drifts a little from the more extreme and broader African geography than Volume II managed to achieve (which for us at M4A is always a treat). However, Volume III exhibits a broader sense of diversity within the heavier music spheres of South Africa.

This time, only three bands feature from outside of South Africa, including: Mythos (Egypt); Amenta (Egypt), and; Last Year’s Tragedy (Kenya).

Among the South African crop are some surprises, chief of which is the resurrection (again) of legendary rock outfit, Springbok Nude Girls. Additionally, there are some tasty offerings by solo projects, such as Robyn Ferguson (associated with Adorned in Ash), Sundergeist (Ric Shields, associated with Atlantic South and Last One Alive) and Evert Snyman (Ruff Majik).

Buy FANGS Volume III directly from Mongrel Records via Bandcamp