FEAR OF FALLING: Turning Point album out today

Fear Of Falling 2021 Turning Point

Johannesburg, South Africa: Turning Point, the debut full length album from Fear Of Falling, is out today! Whilst skirting on the very farthest edge of what we’d consider “Metal”, super chunky guitar riffs and tone piqued our interest since the rock band’s debut EP earlier in 2021.

Turning Point / Breaking Point

To be fair, one could almost think of the band’s two deliveries this year as a continuation of the same work. With only seven months since the Breaking Point (May 2021) debut EP, it should come as no surprise that the full length album reaching our ears today carries on with much of the same songwriting formulae. Even the titles allude to this with the latest offering: Turning Point.

The two collections together offer 17 tracks of turn-of-the-millennium-flavoured rock music. Pleasant enough to listen to for what it is, but for us metalheads (many of us having roots in this kind of music from our teen years), we hunger for more. How about some toothy growls (the songs ‘Hate’ and ‘Fake it’ offer hints of this potential) and more moments of vocal intensity? A burst or two of double-bass (the songs ‘Breaking Me Down’ and ‘End Of Days’ come close!), or even just one guitar solo might have gone a long way; whereas what we’re left with here appears to be aiming very specifically for radio coverage; with a little bit of delicious risk-taking only emerging in the second half of the album.

Fear Of Falling: a potential yet untapped

Of course, forgive us for commenting on this from the perspective of metalheads. Fear Of Falling might do well on their next work to expand on this dynamic we know they can deliver on, and to spread it out more evenly throughout the collection. There is room for the radio songs, but to cram all the songs with greatest potential for this in the first half means many a listener might never get to the second half. We wouldn’t have commented at all if we didn’t think this band was solid, so hopefully this is all taken in good faith by any fans who might read it.

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Fear Of Falling by Jerome van Zyl 2021 Turning Point
Fear Of Falling ~ Photo by Jerome van Zyl