Ghast: debut album, ‘Dawn’, out now

Ghast 2021 Dawn

Gqeberha, South Africa: the metalscape of this coastal city, formerly known as Port Elizabeth, has seen its fair share of ebb and flow over the years. It’s always a great thing to see some scene veterans coming back together for another round of battle in the frontlines of local metal. Meet Ghast, and its debut album Dawn.

Dawn: a new day for local scene veterans

The project started out innocently enough. Justin Steyn (drums), Clint Brown (vocals), Matt Gracie (guitars, vocals, piano), and Barry Killian (guitars) gathered together after several years absence from scene life to help each other through the 2020 lockdown doldrum. What was supposed to be a three-song project swiftly evolved into an album, plus aspirations for a post-Covid future.

Dawn: 10 killer hardcore/metal tracks

Ghast has not arrived without mission and mandate! The band members share some vision of what they are about:

“Inspired by Lovecraftian horror and other occultish stories of the cleansing dawn, the album seeks to capture the band members’ sentiments and reactions towards mindless austerity and corporate violence, as well as try to musically personify the impending social and environmental blow back from our complicity in the needless pillaging of our planet, and the continued acceptance of abject poverty as a necessary consequence of ‘human progress’.” ~ Ghast

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