Mad God: Grotesque and Inexorable, album out today

Mad God 2018 Grotesque and Inexorable

Johannesburg, South Africa: Mad God taunted fans of Doom/Stoner/Sludge/Metal with some teasers in September. This vision is realized today as Grotesque and Inexorable is released; a second album following Tales of a Sightless City which graced our ears in 2017.

Grotesque and Inexorable: six odes to the end of days

The aural soundscapes painted in gritty tone and rhythmic pulses by Mad God ensure a satisfyingly impending sense of Doom. Each of the six songs fulfills a role in developing an atmosphere throughout which honours all that is grim in this life, and potentially the next. In short: for fans of Doom Metal, X-mas just came early this year!

“This album draws on much gloomier themes and the lyrics reflect this turn. The music itself is both dirtier and more progressive, and as a band we tried to introduce a wider variety of influences; including death and black metal as well as more traditional and heavy metal sounds, even including some 70’s progressive rock.” ~ Tim Harbour (vocals/guitar, Mad God)

All in all, these six songs conclude perfectly what was already suggested with the previews offered in the weeks leading up to today.

“The album title also reflects this change in sound. In other words, ‘disgusting and cannot be stopped’; also as Lovecraftian fanboys we had to throw the word grotesque in somewhere.” ~ Tim Harbour

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Live launch: 24 November

Mad God will host a private live launch event for Grotesque and Inexorable on 24 November at a location in Randburg, Johannesburg. Space is limited, so readers interested in attending are invited to contact Mad God directly. If space is still remaining, you’ll receive an invitation.

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