Mind Assault: The Cult of Conflict, out now

Mind Assault 2021 The Cult of Conflict album art

Cape Town, South Africa: long-standing metal band, Mind Assault, finally released its The Cult of Conflict album. This album comes a year later than Mind Assault originally scheduled, owing to Covid-19 disrupting the touring plan support this release early in 2020; with the album now arriving a full decade after Mind Assault‘s Metal Rites offering.

“We grew impatient with waiting. There’s no way to know when we’ll be on a proper stage again, so we took the approach to adapt to the situation and do the online thing. It’s important for us to get closure on this project so that we can start thinking forwards. And we’re itching to write!” ~ Patrick Davidson (guitar. Mind Assault)

Mind Assault also did an album launch event yesterday. The band offered a live stream “watch and listen party” where members did a song-for-song commentary on the whole album. This is available for viewing on Twitch for 14 days.

Or you can listing to it right here, right now:

The Cult of Conflict: also available as an instrumental album

What’s more, the album has two hard copy versions. You can buy the album on CD as it is heard on streaming platforms (as from today) in a standard package. However, there is also a double-disk CD package which includes the album in its entirety as an instrumental work; which is limited to an initial run of only 50 copies.

“We were just so stunned by the excellent work of Andries, our drummer. In the years since he’s been in the band with us – as early as 2007 – he’s grown from a music enthusiast into a professional composer. His work creates such a layer of dynamism to our music that it’s given so many songs a new sense of meaning, feeling and beauty. We wanted to be able to share this with our more passionate fans so they can enjoy it as a musical composition only; whereas lyrics tend to tug the consciousness off towards other places.” ~ Patrick Davidson

Mind Assault will provide information on how to purchase these physical products via social media in the days ahead. Follow them via the links provided below:

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