Peasant: Unrest Eternal, out today

Unrest Eternal

Peasant 2019 Unrest Eternal

Cape Town, South Africa: Unrest Eternal, the anticipated debut full-length album from Peasant, is out today.

“It’s out! The most work I’ve put into any one thing ever. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered vinyl, thanks to all the mates who helped out and of course my dudes Graham, Adri, Keagan and Immanuel. It means more than you know!” ~ Pieter Jordaan (guitar, Peasant)

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Unrest Eternal

At metal4africa we’ve been talking about this album for weeks already. What we haven’t mentioned in previous coverage yet is what the band highlights today: track number three, ‘The Road’ features a guest vocal appearance by Keenan Nathan Oakes, best known from Wildernessking.

“‘The Road’ is a song based on traveling long distances and leaving your life behind, while carrying the pain of lost loved ones.” ~ Pieter Jordaan

Otherwise, enjoy nine blistering tracks of metallic hardcore goodness from Peasant, and don’t forget to catch them live at M4A‘s WinterFest’19 on 27 July in Cape Town. Europe, you get your turn to enjoy Peasant live in August.

Get Unrest Eternal on vinyl from Roastin’ Records, or buy digitally via bandcamp.

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