Persona: Animal – 3rd studio album out now

Persona 2021 Animal album art

Hanover, Germany: Originally from the city Tunis in North Africa, Persona builds from strength to strength; this week the band celebrates Animal, its third studio album since arriving on the scene six years ago.

Animal: 10 blistering new songs

We’ve followed Persona since arriving as a blip on our radar in 2015 with a music video; followed soon after by the exquisite Elusive Reflections debut album early in 2016. Wasting no time at all, Persona followed up with a second self-produced album in 2017, titled Metamorphosis.

Whilst Animal kept us waiting for longer than previous releases, it has proven worth it. The ten new songs are packed with power and energy. As always, the instrumentation is top class and Jalena Dobric’s vocal prowess never disappoints. What seems most noteworthy about Persona‘s musical development in Animal is perhaps more about production quality than anything else. There has been a major step-up here. With Animal, its hard to think of Persona still as “up and coming”. This album should rub shoulders with some of the top metal releases of the year.

Speaking of rubbing shoulders…

No doubt a significant part of the delay between Animal and the previous album has been Persona‘s relocation across the Mediterranean from Tunisia to Germany. Whilst meaning a fresh start and having to rebuild with some new members, the move will surely prove great for the band’s career; placing them closer to many opportunities.

Such opportunities include concerts (let’s not mention the pandemic any further here) once the industry opens up again. For now, Persona already performed at Hanover Metalfest (23 October) for their album launch, and are booked to play at Hell Over Halen open air festival in May 2022. We hope to see many more bookings to follow.

Support Persona via your favourite streaming platform, or most meaningfully by purchasing Animal and other items via the band’s Bandcamp account.