Portraits of Flesh: Endless Spiritual Decay album out now

Portraits of Flesh 2018 Endless Spiritual Decay

Johannesburg, South Africa: a tastefully grim musical affair unfolds this week, as promised, with the release of Endless Spiritual Decay by Portraits of Flesh. Largely disappearing after a small handful of shows in 2016, Portraits of Flesh returned otherwise unannounced in October with its first single from the album.

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Endless Spiritual Decay

Now available via bandcamp, Endless Spiritual Decay‘s eleven tracks offer a journey in dark power riffs, grooves and ambient accompaniments. Additionally, there are some haunting lyrical themes where Portraits of Flesh veer away from the typical political and carnage themes so often favoured by extreme acts.

“The inspiration behind all of the lyrics was essentially just emotion. From loss, to anger, to hope. Using that as a basis, I conjured up imaginative scenarios, which are then portrayed through the lyrics.” ~ Philbrey Botha (vocals, Portraits of Flesh)

Whist only available digitally for now, Portraits of Flesh hints toward physical copies at some point in the future; perhaps once the band focuses on some live performances again in the new year.

Portraits of Flesh 2018

Portraits of Flesh

Portraits of Flesh consists of familiar faces from various projects; most significantly, drummer/composer/guitarist ‘Calvyn’ (also known for participating bands such as In Misery, Spectral Realm and Polar Dust) and guitarist/bassist Allen Purkiss, mastermind behind the Dreamlab Studio (out of which has rolled albums by bands such as SacriFist, Spectral Realm, Surdus, Abhorrent Anomaly and Gates Of Aaru).

Other band members are noteworthy in their own rights, including guitarists/keyboardist Mr Morgue, known from his own self-titled project, and on vocals Philbrey Botha, also from Garten Der Asche.

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