SCATHANNA WEPT: 8th Murder Capital, recently released

Scathanna Wept 2021 8th Murder Capital

Durban, South Africa: better late than never, we missed 8th Murder Capital when Scathanna Wept released it in July. Scathanna Wept is a Black Metal solo project by Daniel Botha (also currently in Theatre Runs Red) and 8th Murder Capital is his latest full length album.

Apart from several stand-alone singles, this is the first collection since Daniel’s 2018 full length album and follow-up EP.

Scathanna Wept: a move from synth towards more prominent guitar riffs

Making strides since his previous work, Daniel teamed up with well-known local sound engineer, Matthew Ryan Howes, for mixing and mastering; whereas all previous material was self-produced. At the time of preparing for the album, Daniel also joined Theatre Runs Red and has enjoyed a profound shift in approach to writing since doing so:

“A blend between my solo work and playing with them has been happening. I dropped almost all the synth I used to use and concentrated more on darker and heavier guitar riffs on this release.” ~ Daniel Botha

8th Murder Capital: a reflection on immediate surroundings

As with most Black Metal inspired music, Scathanna Wept examines a grim topic with local significance for the artist:

“The album title is based on the high senseless murder rate in South Africa. As sad as the topic is, it’s an attempt to raise awareness of what is going on in our country from the outside; how deeply lackluster the government is and not doing anything about it.” ~ Daniel Botha

Art reflects our surroundings. That is clear in this work. Scathanna Wept aims to release yet another EP before the end of 2021. Keep a lookout for it, and we’ll tell you more as we hear about it.

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