Stille Beendere: Stilte Van Die Beendere

Stille Beendere 2018 Stilte Van Die Beendere

Cape Town, South Africa: another thread weaves itself into the string of Black Metal releases from South Africa this year with Stilte Van Die Beendere by Stille Beendere. This one-man project is shrouded in mystery as no name appears on the facebook page or bandcamp page.

Stilte Van Die Beendere

The artist states at the Stille Beendere Bandcamp page:

“Please note that I create this music for myself. It is made after my own ear and for my own sanity. I have no intent in writing to please any other person on this planet. However, if it does do for you that which it does for me then that is good as well. The only reason I put it on here is to make a little bit of extra money to help pay for the equipment and so forth. So thank you for the support!” ~ unknown (Stille Beendere)

At this time we can tell no more about this release, suffice to say that we found it enjoyable. If you like ambient/noise/drone Black Metal, then you might like to give it a listen too.

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