The Drift: Seer album out today

Johannesburg, South Africa: local overlord of groovy sludge metal, The Drift, releases its third album. Seer concludes the Deluge thematic trilogy that the band promised in 2013. It started with the 2013 album Dreams of Deluge, followed by The Mountain Star in 2015. We’ve reduced our fingernails to stumps in the interim, but Seer is here today!

Seer, the end of an era; the dawn of a new?

The Drift describes Seer as the sound of introspection, with tracks ranging from claustrophobic and frenetic to open and expansive, tackling the spectrum of The Drift’s diverse delivery. With the mammoth task complete, we sought after a member to see if we’d hear a mighty sigh of relief or jubilation:

“The Deluge trilogy is done. I must commend and thank all the pals that were involved with this effort since dreaming it all up in 2012. From the original pre-recording line-up, to the line-up that recorded the first two albums to the line-up that finished it all; I really just want to thank Richard, Mike, Jason, Marc, Hannes, Stef, Chris and Alec for the adventure. To Jared and JP for the great recordings. SEER is definitely the finale we all wanted to hear. It’s been an absolute pleasure seeing this whole journey materialize.” ~ Louis du Pisani (vocals, The Drift)

Seer: track listing

  1. A Coward’s Wager
  2. Seer
  3. Don’t Forget to Breathe
  4. Funeral Man
  5. Adrift
  6. Day One
  7. Decider
  8. Reclaim This World
  9. A Passage on Time
  10. I Dream of Deluge

Find Seer on all major platforms today. Our personal favourite, of course, is from bancamp.

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