Theodicy: debut album by Incarnate Deity

Johannesburg, South Africa: a new presence rises in the Southern African metalscape today with Incarnate Deity and its eight-track debut album, Theodicy. Described by itself as Symphonic Blackened Death Metal, Incarnate Deity emerges at this time as a solo project. The writer/performer, simply introduced as Zerachiel, is a well-seasoned veteran in the local metal performance and recording circles. However, the work of Incarnate Deity holds a special place for him.

“I play in quite a few bands and have a few studio projects. This is the first project that I’ve dedicated to my beliefs.” ~ Zerachiel


Theodicy is released today via Christian Metal Underground Records, based in Michigan, USA. The label, a subsidiary of Vision Of God Records, specializes in limited edition runs on the more obscure and underground of heavy music; of course, with the common thread of being based in the Christian faith. Zerachiel points out that being based in Christian faith does not mean there is a specific agenda to enforce Christianity on others; on the contrary, Christian-based lyrics and themes can also focus on introspection about one’s faith system:

I think people have  preconceived notions about Christianity and by extension Christian metal. These notions stem from the loveless, rule-pushing Bible thumpers that this album actually criticizes.” ~ Zerachiel

DreamLab Studios

Zerachiel, with plenty of experience in recording, chose to work with locally based DreamLab Studios. The studio has mixed and mastered for many local extreme releases, including the likes of Sacrifist, Spectral Realm, Portraits of Flesh, Forsaking Fate and Surdus.

“Another notion might be that Christians cannot make decent music or that it will be preachy. I’d like to think that this album makes great strides against this – it is not preachy and it uses the production genius of Allen Purkiss, who has produced some of SA’s finest albums” ~ Zerachiel

Of course, why not make up your own mind? Check out Theodicy on Spotify or purchase via Bandcamp.

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