As Time Divides: Fear Of Falling, album out today

As Time Divides 2018 Fear Of Falling

Cape Town, South Africa: metalcore in this city draws a fresh breath today with the surprise release of a full length album by As Time Divides. Fear of Falling is the first material to come from the band since the single ‘Weightlessness’ emerged as a lyric video in January. Apart from a few shows, including opening for USA’s Fit For A King, As Time Divides kept mostly quiet whilst finishing up the album.

“We’ve wanted to do this a little bit differently, without the whole hype and build-up.” ~ Glenn Watling (vocals, As Time Divides)

Glenn elaborated somewhat on this philosophy and the band’s approach when we chatted with him late last year.

As Time Divides 2018 by Nova Brand
As Time Divides: Photograph by Nova Brand

Fear of Falling

And there we have it! Fear Of Falling consists of ten tracks, including the tracks ‘Flatline’ and ‘Weightlessness’ which arrived as singles in June 2017 and January 2018. Fear Of Falling is available digitally as from today across all major platforms.

Physical copies will be available for the first time when As Time Divides performs with another international traveler to Cape Town, Our Last Night, on 17 November. Unfortunately, the Cape Town show is already sold out, so first dibs goes to existing ticket holders. If you’re not attending, then keep an eye out for updates as to how you can get yours.

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