Vulvodynia: Mob Justice, live kick-off tonight!

Mob Justice

Vulvodynia 2019 Mob Justice

Johannesburg, South Africa: we spotted most members of SA’s biggest Metal export in attendance at the Wacken Metal Battle SA Finals last weekend. Of course, members of Vulvodynia already converged days ago in advance of tonight’s Mob Justice album launch concert in Johannesburg; including members flown in from Cape Town and England for this brutal Death/Slam extravaganza.

Mob Justice: a live launch, plus a limited EP release

Whilst tonight’s show does not constitute a physical release of the full Mob Justice album, it does include the first performance of it. The full 10 tracks which make up Mob Justice will be released world wide only on 30 June.

However, Vulvodynia is offering South African fans exclusive access to a collector’s limited pre-release tonight; the Anthropophagus EP, featuring the ‘Mob Justice’ title track and two other songs of which one won’t appear on the same-titled album. Anthropophagus releases officially only on 17 May when Vulvodynia kicks off its next European Tour with Fit For An Autopsy, Venom Prison and Justice For The Damned.

Vulvodynia 2019 Anthropophagus EP art

Anthropophagus EP

Anthropophagus contains three songs: ‘Nyaope’, Featuring Martin Matousek of Gutalax; album title track ‘Mob Justice’, as well as; a bonus track featuring Dickie Allen of Infant Annihilator and ScumFuck, plus Kevin Muller of The Merciless Concept and Ex-Suffocation.

“Its already been three years since the release of ‘Psychosadistic Design’! Since then it has been a dream come true for us playing multiple tours and festivals abroad, but we’ve always felt that we needed an album that paid homage to the savage motherland we call home. We needed an album that hit home for us conceptually.”~ Duncan Bentley (vocals, Vulvodynia)

And it appears that this is exactly what is on offer. Vulvodynia shared the ‘Mob Justice’ song via Slam Worldwide earlier this week. For more information about tonight’s show in Johannesburg, join the facebook event page.

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