Vulvodynia: Praenuntius Infiniti, out today

Vulvodynia 2021 Praenuntius Infiniti

Johannesburg, South Africa: Vulvodynia continue to rise from strength to strength with each album released. Today, the local beasts on international circuits released its fifth studio album Praenuntius Infiniti through Unique Leader Records.

Praenuntius Infiniti: evolving soundscapes

Praenuntius Infiniti appears to mark a significant milestone for Vulvodynia‘s establishment as a world power in extreme music. The album is more sonically diverse than previous works and, we believe, caters to a broader listenership; although remains merciless in its quest to remain thoroughly brutal.

Moreover, the technical wizardry and musicianship of the individual members really shines through in ways unparalleled before. This is a great work and we at M4A feel proud to call this work of sci-fi/horror-themed ear art “from home”.

Now if only this pandemic could disperse so the Vulvodynia boys can get back out there into the nations and festivals of the world!

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