Zombies Ate My Girlfriend: Shun The Reptile is here

Zombies ate my girlfriend - Shun The Reptile

Cape Town, South Africa: just shy of four years have passed since Zombies Ate My Girlfriend released Retrocide; an album upon which its strength propelled the modern metal band to great heights, including international victory at the 2016 Wacken Metal Battle. Today fans and band alike celebrate the arrival of Shun The Reptile; the second full length album.

Shun The Reptile

Seven blistering new tracks reach hungry ears today with ‘Immolation’, the eighth from Shun The Reptile, released two weeks ago. Adriano, the primary band members, explained a little about the time it took and some of the energy which drove the latest work:

“This is probably our most personal and collaborative recording to date. The concept for the title and general theme for the album is depression. And in my case, an unhealthy dose of anger issues to boot. We’ve experienced quite a few highs and lows since forming Zom, none higher for us thus far as the Wacken win in 2016. It was kind of inevitable that depression would strike some time after that experience. And it did, in a big way. We ended up getting back from that and went strong for another year into 2017. After we did Witchfest the wheels started to come off for a few us in our personal lives. For myself, I had basically reached the point where I needed to break away or risk quitting entirely. It was probably the longest period that I’d ever not wanted to play a guitar since first picking one up at the age of 13. I didn’t want to listen to music, be involved in any band activity or even talk about music. For a couple of months, I hated it. I realized for the last 10 years all I had been doing was chasing this dream and chasing it as hard as I possibly could. Many sacrifices were made, and the time away was necessary for me to process everything that had happened in my life during those 10 years.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues (guitar/composer, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend)

The result: Shun The Reptile offers even more than Retrocide in so many ways. With the previous work being little more than a delicious onslaught of craftily catchy riffs, savage drumming and outspoken lyrics, Shun The Reptile peels away new layers to reveal the band’s creativity and musicality which one could barely imagine existed from the previous work. Of course, to those who know of Infanteria in which two members also play, then this apparent cross-pollination is far less surprising. The introduction of clean vocals and more diverse musical passages is a pleasant development indeed.

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Shun The Reptile availability and live launch shows

Shun The Reptile is available immediately via all major digital channels, and physcial copies can be purchased via bandcamp.

Two live launch shows will take place in the immediate days ahead, with Zombies Ate My Girlfriend visiting Johannesburg this weekend. Details as follows:

03 November @ Sundowners, Johannesburg, with:
Riddlebreak, Deadline and Chaos Doctrine

09 November @ Mercury Live, Cape Town, with:
Atlantic South

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Zombies Ate My Girlfriend 2018 press by Laura McCullagh
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend: photograph by Laura McCullagh