My Columbine: 3:00AM marks way to Ritual Violence

My Columbine 2018 3:00AM Press Pic

Pretoria, South Africa: hot on the heels of ‘Vigorish’, the first single from My Columbine‘s forthcoming Ritual Violence album, the band offers another teaser today with ‘3:00AM’.

3:00AM, the Devil’s Hour

The theme for ‘3:00AM’ follows a darker path than the previous lyrics in ‘Vigorish’, offering a greater insight into what can expected from the album as a whole. With this follow-up, the band ventures away from the literal inferences of before, and into the realms of the occult:

“3:00AM is the ‘Devil’s Hour’, when malicious things come out to play in mockery of the holy trinity; as far as the mythology goes. This song follows the story of a person waking night after tormented night at 3:00AM, attempting to face the darkness he/she is confronted with.” ~ Sven Borgstrom (bass guitar, My Columbine)

Ritual Violence is well on its way for launch in March this year. Entirely self-produced, My Columbine aim to use it as the springboard to a greater national and international presence. The album will serve as a means for the band to advance into a new phase of writing and performance, thus opening a new chapter by first closing an old. We spoke more in depth with Sven about the album contents and vision in a previous conversation.

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