MA-AT: new band, first demo with Nursing Serpents


MA-AT 2018 Nursing Serpents demo art

Cape Town, South Africa: a crushing new entity arises from the Mother City in 2018 with MA-AT. The band lends strength to this countries suddenly surging Doom and Stoner scene; introducing itself today with a debut demo recording, ‘Nursing Serpents’.

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MA-AT: bringers of Doom, and Nursing Serpents

MA-AT performed its first live show recently at ROAR/Gandalf’s final birthday gig, preceding the venue’s imminent closing.

Further to that, MA-AT seeks out to play more shows in the foreseeable future and will continue to work on an EP; the release date for which we have no further information at this time. We are told by a source that the production approach is likely to remain organic and inclusive of a DIY aesthetic; although a higher standard will be sought out than what the current ‘Nursing Serpents’ demo offers.

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