Abigail’s Crypt: new EP by Deadline

Deadline 2021 Abigail's Crypt

Pretoria, South Africa: heavy metal band Deadline released its latest EP today, titled Abigail’s Crypt. It consists of five tracks, and each with a bit of a twist.

Abigail’s Crypt: something about resurrecting the dead?

Not quite, but almost. Each song on Abigail’s Crypt is a special Deadline re-imagining of a song already in existence. In short, it’s a cover album, but also including a cover of one of the band’s own tracks, ‘High Tops & Bullet Belts’; however, with a totally new spin on it! We feel reluctant to say more. Check it out before we ruin the surprise!

More, more, more…

According to the band, Deadline lost some desired momentum between its 2017 debut album and the 2020 follow-up.

“The main reason we decided to put out this EP was due to the fact that we waited too long between our debut album “Black Wolf City” and sophomore album “Cathedral Point”. We aimed to release “Cathedral Point” sooner, but life does not always pan out the way we want it to. Add to that the fact that so many of our fans have asked for recorded versions of some of the covers we play, we decided to release this stopgap EP of B-sides and rarities. It really just is another excuse to get content to our fans whilst the wait for part 3 in the DEADLINE Lady Blitzkrieg Black Wolf City Saga!” ~ Jesse Switchblade (vocals, Deadline)

Less than a year later and we now have Abigail’s Crypt. What’s more, we chatted with the band during a special early-bird listening party on M4A‘s Discord on Wednesday, and Jesse Switchblade revealed that roughly 25% of the next album is written!

Abigail’s Crypt: a new era

If the new EP is anything to go by, a new era for Deadline is ushered in; also featuring the latest new member, “The Casual Doctor”. It serves as the perfect interlude between albums and remains woven within the fabric of Deadline‘s theme.

“This EP is therefore not only a tribute to our hero’s and to the songs that made us, but it’s a call to arms too. Even though we are a metal band, we are not prepared to be boxed in by genres or boundaries and are happy to rework our songs into our genres cause why the hell not. The album title follows the story, to those of you that night “Cathedral Point”, you would have read on the inside sleeve the story about Abigail Calaway, who was murdered inside the Cathedral, and we continue with the theme as we visit “Abigail’s Crypt” for all these hidden B-sides and rarities.” ~ Jesse Switchblade

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