ALL GUNS FULL AMMO: remastered re-release of 2011 debut EP

All Guns Full Ammo IDKFA 2021 remaster

Cape Town, South Africa: look who’s back in the news! Too cool for school, and apparently from an alternate universe, All Guns Full Ammo reach out to us from the proverbial grave with a remaster of it’s 2011 debut EP, IDKFA.

All Guns Full Ammo: 10 year anniversary

The last time we published about All Guns Full Ammo was when the light-hearted metal act put out a single titled ‘Mud ‘n Murder’ back in 2016. Sadly, the band went on an indefinite hiatus at a similar time.

Now, to celebrate some awesome memories, the band is back with the remaster of its original released work.

A few highlights the band reflects on include:

WinterFest’13, hosted by metal4africa
RAMFEST 2014 in Western Cape
SummerFest’15, hosted by metal4africa
Protest the Hero, supporting act in Stellenbosch, 2015

Enjoy this blast from the past to kick off your weekend!
Find even more music via Soundcloud

Additionally, check out projects by former members.

Mark Allnutt, guitarist/composer extraordinaire, is the mastermind behind Pyjama Planet; a presently active solo project which has also gathers a live crew from time to time.

Vocalist Brett Bruton went on to join veteran Cape Town metal band Bulletscript and continues to perform with them to this day. In fact, catch Bulletscript live in action at metal4africa‘s next live concert at Metal Karoo in February 2022.

All Guns Full Ammo 2013 press photo