BLESSINGS CHISAMA: Universe EP by Malawian shred master

Blessings Chisama 2021 Universe EP Art

Blantyre, Malawi: Universe is the debut EP by Blessings Chisama; a one-man progressive metal project and, presumably, the only metal musician (known to him or to us) from the landlocked African nation. It’s time to get an ear-load of some pretty amazing output from this isolated yet determined artist.

Universe: 6 self-produced tracks

Blessings, taking the advice from his uncle plus the gift of a guitar and amp, began his journey in music. What is most unusual about his story is his against-the-grain manner of thinking and musical direction. He just loves Metal, whereas in Malawian society this is somewhat unheard of.

Owing to his isolation from other Metal scenes and having no local peers to share his passion with, Blessings has had to tackle most aspects of music creation and release on his own; with the exception South Africa’s Conrad Nel wrapping up the mastering.

“I did the recordings myself on my EP using my computer, my guitar and bass. I’ve never studied production in a formal fashion and thanks to YouTube I was able to learn.” ~ Blessings Chisama

The Universe EP offers a good representation of influences and capabilities, well worth a listen for anybody who enjoys guitar-driven music, instrumental and progressive sensibilities.

“My main influence has been for the most part the English guitarist, Andy James.” ~ Blessings Chisama

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