Chaos Doctrine: The Chaos Chronicles Volume I, released today

The Chaos Chronicles Volume I

Chaos Doctrine 2019 The Chaos Chronicles Volume 1

Johannesburg, South Africa: what could be more bad-ass than Death Metal with Industrial overtones? Chaos Doctrine returns to show us with a new release in 2019. Titled The Chaos Chronicles Volume I, this release features re-works of material we’re already familiar with from last year’s self-titled debut.

The Chaos Chronicles Volume I

Chaos Doctrine snatched four of its own songs and turned them into something else on The Chaos Chronicles Volume I. For this release, the band teamed up with its dream-team again, including the local mastermind at B Sharp Studios, JP de Stefani, and Swedish producer Jocke Skog.

“Chaos Doctrine is all about experimentation and pushing our own boundaries. To us, this EP represents a different level and type of creativity; taking something that already exists, and has already received great feedback, and making it into something different and fresh.” ~ Dr D (vocals, Chaos Doctrine)

In its remixed form, ‘FTG’ is treated to some tasty “Industrialization”, whereas ‘Incubator’, formerly the most industrial track from Chaos Doctrine, is tripped down to its basic Death Metal glory. ‘The Genocide Number’ finds itself sung in a different language; South Africa’s native tongue of Afrikaans. Finally, Chaos Doctrine took the final track, ‘Cult’, and stripped it down to the bones with view to give it a “creepier” demeanour in contrast to the grandiose of the original.

Listen immediately on Apple Music and Spotify, or later today on Deezer.

Upcoming live shows

Chaos Doctrine takes live performance seriously. This year, the band’s approach is on quality over quantity, with very few shows and aiming for higher impact at each one.

Indoctrination: Volume II (event page)
1 June @ AJ’s Pub, Johannesburg
Featuring Chaos Doctrine, Deadline and State Dependency.

The Ritual (event page)
5 July @ Rumours Rock City, Johannesburg
Featuring Die Skemer, Spectral Realm, Pyre of Gods and Chaos Doctrine.

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