Cruci-Fiction: Satanic Dissemination, debut release

Cruci-Fiction 2018 Satanic Dissemination

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa: Black Metal and its sub-derivatives persevere in KZN with this debut release by Cruci-Fiction, titled Satanic Dissemination.

The three-track EP embodies the essence of angst with shrill vocals and oft atmospheric musical passages. One track, ‘Caligulan Acquiescence’, introduces an intriguing element for Black Metal with the African djembe drum. Though to call this Black Metal in it’s entirety might be a little shortsighted. Whilst definitely rooted into the genre, Cruci-Fiction seems to meddle beyond the traditional boundaries somewhat. A member tells us more about the band’s artistic values:

“We were on a hellfire path to making some siff Black Metal. However, we came up with something a bit different to what we originally intended. With our very different musical influences we came up with a sort of new niche of black metal we jokingly dubbed ‘4th Wave, Progressive, Tech Black’ for all the genre whores out there. We really like it and our style stuck with us.” ~ John Butcher (vocals, Cruci-Fiction)

John describes Black Metal as a free form artistic canvas which Cruci-Fiction uses as such in the music and performance.

“Khronos has a few different instruments; the Djembe, a hand drum, some weird thunder spring thing, rain makers and more; I don’t know what they are. The Djembe gives a ritualistic feel to the intro of ‘Caligilan Acquiescence’ which is essentially what that song is about, so it works nicely. We will try to incorporate different sounds into our music. I think black metal lends itself to be arty and different. We are always trying to think of new theatrics and thinking of things to burn on stage, because as much as we love making music, we also love turning it into a weird form of fucked up art as well.” ~ John Butcher

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Satanic Dissemination

John tells us that Satanic Dissemination is merely a herald for a greater work to come. With a full-length album already composed, the band is in the planning stages for recording it. First, John and his fellows had to refine the process owing to the band’s relatively isolated location. He describes the writing process which has resulted in this strange brand of Black Metal:

“We defiantly make music for ourselves; we love making music and enjoy the process. If other people like it, it’s a serious bonus and it seems there are a handful of weird people out there who like it too. We are really excited and ready to fill some ears with hatred.” ~ John Butcher

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